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I have learned so much in all the sessions. It has been so helpful to gain practice with the techniques of mindful breathing that Kathy presents. I am gaining an understanding of the impact of making space between what I am thinking and how I choose to react has been extremely beneficial as well. I recommend the class to all my friends!
Stephanie G.
Kathy has a calming presence, explains the movement and its benefits, & provides modifications, if needed.  She tailors our individual sessions to meet my needs, capabilities, and medical restrictions. After sessions, I always feel at peace, relaxed and sleep soundly.  She has also guided me in intention setting, meditation, listening to my body, and self-love/care.  I highly recommend Kathy's services, as she's made a significant impact on my well-being.
Stacey M.
Kathy is someone I aspire to be more like. She is peaceful and kind and soft spoken. She is someone who continues to learn about inner peace and sharing it with others. She is a great listener. Her voice is so calming. She gives us permission to do what we can do as some of us have limitations. I use Kathy's services as a Yoga Trauma Therapist to help heal from childhood trauma and narcissistic abuse as an adult. She is kind and encouraging yet challenges me when necessary to promote my growth. She helps me release feelings and focus on thoughts that will promote moving on and healing.She helps me get in contact with the resources that are inside of me but have not been tapped into or used much. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KATHY ON YOUR HEALING JOURNEY! She is so passionate and welcoming!
Sharon K.
Kathy’s empathetic, calming, and genuine nature fosters an atmosphere which allows her clients to relax, let go, and fully engage without fear of judgement or shame.


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