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Last night, as I was sleeping I saw your million dollar smile and gazed into your smiling almond-shaped hazel green eyes.

I reached for your strong yet gentle hand and we began to walk along a familiar street - Comanche Drive. The pace was that of a snail - you shuffled and I at your side basking in the moment of being together again. We stopped I reached up for a branch and asked, "Dad, what kind of tree is this?" Without hesitation, and with clarity of thought and speech, you gently whispered, "Pear." Many thoughts, memories and words were now strangers - but not in this moment. You reached up and touched the leaves and felt the strong rough branch in your hand. This moment - A Kodak moment - has remained nestled in my heart and mind in the time that has passed since i saw you last. I am thankful this memory graced me last night, as I was sleeping. ~ Kathy Julien


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